We were
Friends with a sincere passion for design, were sitting together at home one day in 2006, gossiping about the lack of ability of owning a real fire fireplace in every home. They wanted to add a more iconic real fireplace pieces to their homes but they were not able to get the pieces they liked, and the few pieces offered by niche sellers, were sold at outrageous prices. They wanted to create a place where they and others could view and buy fireplaces at fair prices. This was the start of their production. This was the start of RegalFlame.com™.

Regal Flame™ is the leading manufacturers of high-end bio-ethanol, electric and fireplaces accessory manufacturer and was launched in 2006. Our premises include factories worldwide where all the fireplaces are carefully manufactured and tested. At Regal Flame™ we focus on providing the top versatile designs to accommodate to virtually any living scenario. No matter if you live in an apartment, condo, or own a home, Regal Flame has a fireplace to add a real fire ambiance to your days indoor and out. We are passionate entrepreneurs, who focus on quality and fair market. We are determined to learn every day and share our knowledge with each other. We are driven by passion and excellence. Our success has been mainly from always being hands on, moving fast and paying attention to our customer demands.

Regal Flame™ produces famous designer ethanol, electric fireplaces as well as fire pits and accessories that were designed to reach an acclaimed and iconic design status. These timeless and unique fireplaces are the inspiration behind our company. These statement pieces are much more than just furniture. They have become pieces of art, which Regal Flame provides accurately as they were designed by the famous designers.

We love
The aroma of coffee in the morning wakes us up to what we love to do. Our passion for ethanol fireplaces has determined the energy each of us brings into the office, which we tend to see as a vibrant, creative hub. We are based in offices in New York City. We respect the professional work ethic each of us brings to the team and that great sense of humor, which keeps our positive charge.

We promise
It is our commitment to make every Regal Flame ™ customer pleased with our products and services. We promise to make every individual shopping experience worthwhile. We also promise we are human – we are not an automated email reply, neither superman, but we care and we’ll do the best we can to deserve the loyalty and satisfaction of our Regal Flame™ customers all over the world.

We wish
We want to see Regal Flame™ constantly expanding along with the growing love and loyalty of our customers. We are determined to always provide superior product quality, a great online shopping experience and fantastic client service. That is why we give our employees an exceptional working environment, where they can create and build on the future and success of Regal Flame™.

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